Brand new vibe offered away from because of the Kokushibo are daunting to the point that Muichiro is actually leftover trembling and you will unable to circulate

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Whenever two swordsmen first satisfy, Kokushibo quickly reiliar to your. [3] After telling Kokushibo his term, Muichiro try surprised when he is told that he’s an excellent descendant of Kokushibo’s. not, he is able to defeat his anxiety and you will attack Kokushibo but is easily slight. Kokushibo openly says you to Muichiro has developed swordsmanship for someone his decades and that is impressed to the level where he’ll convert your on the a demon to serve Muzan. [4]

Just like the battle ranging from Kokushibo additionally the Demon Slayers pertains to a finish, Muichiro could possibly come to a near proximity so you can him which can be in a position to penetrate him together with turned red-colored katana, briefly immobilizing your. Yet not, Kokushibo will continue to strike and you may fatally wounds Muichiro. Whenever the battle ends up Kokushibo displays his guilt at the which have struck down his descendants. [5]

Gyomei Himejima

When he basic came across the new Brick Hashira, Kokushibo marvelled on his bodily show, claiming it had been three hundred decades just like the the guy history spotted people regarding Gyomei’s caliber. Once an initial conflict, Gyomei try forced to play with their Devil Slayer Scratches to even the new yard. Kokushibo pitied your having throwing away their life and fuel simply to pass away, listing one to through the chronilogical age of twenty-five, he was destined to help you die in the near future. Gyomei rejects that it declaration and you tagged will unexpectedly taunts Kokushibo by the saying some one marked and you will over 25 years old got lived in the fresh new early in the day. Kokushibo next episodes your that have revived ferocity once recalling his hated aunt.

Remembering Yoriichi’s conditions one a manufacturing often exceed their currently powerful day and age away from Devil Slayers, Kokushibo turned scornful of Hashiras attacking. Particularly, the guy mocked Gyomei because the abnormal, to have exceeding the fresh new limits regarding people and you will reaching a rise during the strength such as demons. Fundamentally, Gyomei and you can Sanemi have the ability to behead Kokushibo. Despite regrowing a unique direct, Kokushibo’s recovery stopped of assaulting their humanity, allowing the newest Brick Hashira so you’re able to decapitate once more, this time around, ultimately causing his death.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Kokushibo first found Muzan when he had recently unearthed that their Devil Slayer Scratches create produce your to die during the an early ages. Muzan, looking for a demon exactly who utilized Breathing Style, given him a chance to alive and be more powerful forever. Using provide, he changed into a devil, took up a separate term and in the end attained the fresh new rating of Top Just one of their A dozen Kizuki. Kokushibo is actually dedicated in order to Muzan, acting as enforcer toward Twelve Kizuki.

In return, Muzan notices your as a business lover, [6] it is possible to on account of their fanatic support in order to him, being their most effective Demon and since the two was as one in charge for almost exterminating Sunrays Respiration. Not surprisingly, Muzan create however admonishes him with the rest of your own Higher Positions, due to their inability to discover the Bluish Spider Lily rather than eliminating the brand new Ubuyashikis. Kokushibo failed to retort their report and just stated the brand new Ubuyashikis enjoys hidden on their own off see.


There is hostility between Kokushibo and Akaza. The guy doesn’t get and additionally Akaza, just like the he observes your due to the fact good weakling who disrespects Kizuki exactly who is regarding a top positions than him. This will be shown initially as he scolds him for trying to begin a fight with Doma, and soon after towards as he calls your “really poor” to possess refusing to save fighting up against Giyu Tomioka and you can Tanjiro Kamado. not, despite the reality he does not get together with Akaza, Kokushibo afterwards reveals acknowledgement into your after training you to Akaza is actually nearly able to regenerate his direct, and this motivates Kokushibo to carry out the same.

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