Shigure is actually remaining this lady emotions away from love for Guren in order to herself because the unrequited

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Shinya Hiragi

Regardless if he had been used toward esteemed Hiragi family members, he’s Guren’s buddy. He was first seen seeking to target the new vampires of the underworld inside the Shinjuku versus hurting Guren.

It was by dangers involved that Shinya volunteers himself to join Guren instead requests to aid your about assault on the Nagoya so you can ambush vampire nobles. Shinya requires spend Guren and you can Mito from the behavior battle against Shinoa group. When making the way to conserve hostages left exterior Nagoya city hall, Guren try searched for the because of the Shinya aware he will not manage also better when many comrades are murdered. Shinya conveys question given that Guren knows reality away from battle whenever individuals are shed however, the guy sounds themselves up over it.

Each of them direct the newest ambush against Crowley. But not, into the vampire nobles energy the package looks like horribly ensuing when you look at the Guren being caught. After, Guren departs Shinya accountable for taking the remainder of his soldiers toward rendezvous point in the Nagoya airport. Here, an owned Guren match Shinya. Shinya tries to score Guren back into their senses but then realizes that Mahiru keeps had your already. Three months later, Guren returns throughout the Sanguniem hoping to consult with Shinya.

Fundamentally out of frequency seven from Guren’s light books, once Mahiru eliminates Shinya and you may torturing your so you’re able to dying, Guren panicked slow perishing in the Guren give, exhibiting that he taken care of Shinya the most out of his group. Pursuing the rest of his team passed away at the final conflict anywhere between Mahiru, Guren are devastated from the its demise specifically Shinya and that forced your doing the newest Seraph of the Avoid experiment to replace his friends in addition to caused the fresh apocalypse. So you’re able to Guren, Shinya are their best friend figure. He looked after Shinya the most as he is resurrected.

Kureto Hiragi

The present day head of the Hiragi family members therefore the chief out of the brand new JIDA. Out of high school, when he came across Kureto, Guren quickly noted their unbelievable electricity and you can took your definitely, carrying hardly anything right back, as he assaulted him with the intent so you’re able to kill. No matter if he lost, it actually was only because away from a shock attack and he pleased Kureto sufficient which he requested Guren in order to become their using. Initially, Guren stayed to the antagonistic terms having Kureto, indicating nothing esteem and you may outright opposition when he seemingly punished Shinoa to the stage in which he unhesistantly assaulted him for trying crack Shinoa’s neck. not, the guy trusted him with the information of one’s Cursed Tools one to Mahiru left behind therefore the activity regarding subduing and killing your if the impossible to do it. Although this wasn’t instance a detrimental choice, since the Kureto did real time up generally so you’re able to Guren’s believe by rescuing him right after which making sure the fresh new endurance of your own Order of one’s Imperial Moonlight and additionally providing Guren an opportunity to save Sakae by stealing his helicopter, Guren are left outraged which have Kureto’s incapacity making Sakae go 100 % free and only hesitantly obeyed him to store his dad. However, immediately following viewing Kureto really reward him to possess their achievements even after failing to capture Mahiru by efficiently lifting any chances of one’s Purple Moonlight Order’s exhaustion as well as other Sakae’s performance together with providing your time for you to correspond with their father one last time, Guren begrudgingly thanked him. In the current day, he’s end up being much more cordial. Guren nonetheless publicly professes their hate out of Kureto’s sinister studies, distasteful in the some point of the him cruelly looking to painfully turn an excellent Vampire toward a demon, however, hides they efficiently, and may also casually explore your trying alot more hostages, though the guy however fondly reminisces away from exactly how he had clashed swords with Kureto and you may openly showcases his quite premium, but nevertheless better, feel, so it’s clear he’ll eliminate him in the event the the guy aims some thing. Kureto candidates Guren is an effective spy to your vampires of the underworld or ily, however, the guy in addition to says he trusts Guren and sends Guren to the a very harmful goal to help you Nagoya. Once the an excellent namanari, Guren meets Kureto inside the delivery new Seraph of Prevent experiment from the killing away from his troops and opponent qeep visitors vampires of the underworld. Three months afterwards, both of them join forces when you look at the ambushing the brand new Sanguniem. He after guarantees Kureto which he will save you him away from Shikama Doji completely possessing your, in the event Shikama Doji went immediately after Shinoa and you will remaining Kureto’s system in the the finish.

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