The brand new *covenant is a romance and you will a special guarantee between Jesus and you will their some body

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You really have come to Jesus, who generated the brand new *covenant

The brand new flame, clouds and you can dark demonstrate that Goodness try unique. Moses warned the individuals escort girls in Memphis TN. They’d so you can obey exactly what Goodness got informed them to create.

In the Hebrews -twenty seven, the writer informs their clients this. ‘You have not visited a mountain one injury with fire. … you have come so you’re able to … the city off God, who’s real time. … ‘ Nevertheless the blogger alerts him or her. ‘Be sure that you do not won’t pay attention [so you’re able to Jesus].’ We must hear Jesus and we need follow your. I have shorter excuse compared to the *Israelites. You will find a far greater *covenant while the we visited Goodness as Jesus. The guy passed away in order for Jesus is forgive all of us. And you can Jesus produces individuals free from completely wrong one thing. God will today forgive our very own *sins, therefore we shouldn’t have to remain afraid.

Deuteronomy is the *covenant 26 moments. The newest *Israelites you may reveal that they certainly were God’s anyone. It did that when it obeyed their *commandments.

Jeremiah -34 describes brand new pledges of the fresh new *covenant

Today we must trust Jesus to become area of the the new *covenant. To trust Goodness means that basic we have to confess our very own *sins. Upcoming God tend to forgive all of us.

Goodness advised the new *Israelites to follow his regulations. Christians need show the *believe about what they do. James 2:14-twenty six tells us about this. When you look at the Matthew eight:21, God says this. ‘Not everyone which tells me “*Lord, *Lord,” usually go into the beautiful *kingdom. Dad is in paradise. And only individuals just who follow him have a tendency to enter around.’ The great deeds that individuals perform cannot offer *salvation so you can you. But they are proof that we was obeying God.

v15 ‘In the event that *LORD spoke to you personally within *Mount Sinai about flame, you did perhaps not find people shape. Getting very careful v16 you don’t work for the an effective sinful style. Don’t make an *idol on your own in any contour. Do not create an enthusiastic *idol such as for instance a guy or a lady v17 otherwise an animal otherwise an effective bird. v18 Do not make an enthusiastic *idol in the form of a pet you to definitely movements along side ground. Don’t create an *idol as a seafood within the water. v19 And become cautious after you research into the sky. Do not offer honour to your sunshine, the moonlight, this new celebrities or perhaps to something that you find on air. The individuals is actually items that the *LORD your Jesus has given to all the places to express. v20 But you will be the someone which new *LORD saved regarding Egypt. Egypt is actually including a scorching flames that melts material. The *LORD rescued your to create you their own some one. That is what you are today.

v21 The new *LORD is furious with me due to your. The guy generated a life threatening declaration. He asserted that I might maybe not go over the River Michael jordan. I would personally not go into the good country the *LORD their Goodness is providing for your requirements since the a control. v22 I will pass away within this nation. I will not wade across the Lake Jordan. You are going to wade around the and enjoys one to an effective nation. v23 Make sure that you ensure the brand new *covenant. The *LORD their God-made they along with you. Do not generate a keen *idol in the shape of something that the fresh new *LORD your Goodness have not anticipate. v24 The new *LORD your own God feels like a fire one burns that which you. He’s an envious Goodness.’

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